Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Guys, I think everytime need to sign in as Dash2 is quite inconvenient so I think it would be better to create a team blog. I'm not so sure about dis but I try to explain what I know:

To become one of da author in dis blog, U guys need an account in blogspot too. (For those who already have your own acc. in blogspot pls leave your email add. below by leaving a comment.)

Then with your email add. da admin(Was it Nigel or Chis? Well, U guys can send yourself an invitation too *in setting* by signing in as Dash2 first) will be able to send U guys an invitation.

Of coz after U guys approve it then U can post anything in here as 'yourself'. (Like what I'm doing right now Hahaha~)

Well, dat's all I know. TC guys.
PS:Colour wheel SUCKS! I'm not gonna make it in time! *sob sob*

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