Friday, April 2, 2010

the end of foundation sem 3

after this sem..
many of out class member will choose the different road to their future..
are u guys intresting to eat together,play together at the last day of u guys' class?
is it friday perspective?!
any things u guys wanna play aso can..
sing k/movie/skating/l4d2/others else..
jz have our last gather up during sem3...

so hw u guys think?!
comment ya~~
wait u guys answer~~


  1. yo..jasmine,miss you so much neh..
    when r u going to start ur new college life?
    we are so SUFFER ==
    but to me..although is quite tired and suffer,but still very enjoy lo..
    after tis sem everyone diff classes lo..
    sad T.T
    next time go out sing k ba..

  2. i duno when somemore duno study wat woh~~
    ya~~go out sing k next time~~